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I have had my eye on Access Bank’s Social Media for a while, mainly because I think they are a very good example of how a corporate brand can use Social Media as part of their branding and customer experience strategy.

A strong corporate brand is one that always conveys its values, no matter the medium of communication and at the same time draws attention to its employees, thereby making them feel a strong connection to the brand. A strong corporate brand will consistently utilize its brand elements (fonts, colours, logo) to constantly (in a very sublime way) remind customers about its values, mission and products.

Access Bank utilises humour, emojis (highly recommended on Social Media) in the best way possible to step out of the ‘formal’ zone we find a lot of other banks and corporations in. They are not afraid to think outside the box and they use their Social Media to ensure that their customers are informed, updated, entertained. You will notice that they hardly utilise a direct selling approach, making their content more authentic and valuable to the consumer. This also leads to a higher virality rate and organic engagement. Value-driven content builds trust, sparks relationships and grows deep connections with online audiences.

How does Access Bank manage to achieve all this on Social Media?

Engage and Interact

Access Bank uses calls-to-action to encourage followers and readers to respond to their content. This is one of the strongest ways to elicit engagement and interaction in a subtle way, especially if the content is related to a widely recognised phenomenon e.g. Republic Day.

The bank also has a clear brand voice which relies on some humor. Readers can easily relate to content and overtime, form a strong connection to the brand.

Engage & Interact.jpg

Another way the brand interacts with customers online is by ‘trolling’ other brands using humour and sarcasam and by jumping on trending topics, especially those which have to do with popular culture in Ghana

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 14.40.09


The brand uses creative ways to inform customers about existing products, promotions and general updates. Their captions are straight to the point and are directly related to the image.

One recommendation would be to include a clickable link that will drive the customer to do something – be it read more about Access Bank’s savings plans or get a phone number where they can speak to a rep about e-banking.


Visuals & Videos 

All visuals and videos (designed) are on brand and utilise the brand’s elements very well. This is key to keeping a consistent brand image in the mind of the customer.

Behind the Scenes 

Access Bank does an excellent job of inviting its customers behind the scenes of the corporation by showcasing employee adventures and in-house initiatives which a ‘face’ to the ‘name’. This type of content humanizes the corporation, shows that employees are valued and are able to have fun and also showcases the importance the company places on employees.


Offline -> Online 

Some of the easiest content to generate is showcasing what the brand is up to ‘offline’. Access Bank does a great job with this as they often share CSR activities and internal campaigns, for example, their most recent Sustainability Week.


One of the best campaigns they run in 2018  their Valentine’s Day campaign which combined ‘offline’ and ‘online’ elements and created strong engagement online whilst building a community. Click to watch

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 14.35.37.png

Check out more of their spectacular Social Media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

In developing a strong corporate Social Media strategy, it is also important to take note of the following

  • Consistency – Create a content calendar and stick with it. 3x a week is recommended, everyday works for certain brands
  • Language & Grammar – Always use Spell Check, and make sure your language is appropriate
  • Images – Always use high quality images and videos, no matter the post

A strong Social Media Strategy will focus on providing value and serving your audience. For consultation on social media / content strategy for your business, get in touch on mfsbghana@gmail.com