About MFSB Ghana

MFSB Ghana is a marketing blog inspired by Ghanaian entrepreneurs and aims to do the following

  • Provide comprehensive marketing information for first time entrepreneurs, small business owners, students, entry level marketers and marketing enthusiasts
  • Showcase new marketing trends in order for readers to stay up to date with the industry
  • Challenge readers to think outside the box in regards to marketing strategy
  • Provide a platform for discussion on marketing and entrepreneurial issues and challenges
  • Provide a virtual environment which encourages sharing and learning from one another

What to expect?

Content will be divided into 7 categories – Social Media & Content Marketing, Brand Building, Experiential Marketing, B2B Marketing, Services Marketing and then from time  will focus on a specific industry eg. beauty/fashion/hospitality to provide more tailored marketing information. You can expect the content to be very easy to understand and implement although it will be generalized to cover most industries. MFSB Ghana also aims to share personal stories from real people who have started real businesses as this is the best way to learn from others’ mistakes and triumphs.

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